The Name Cedric


  • Devoted
  • Tenacious
  • Hard-working
  • Over-zealous
  • Aggressive
  • Cranky

About the Name Cedric

There`s a distinct sense of dynamite to the CK names as personified by the crisply concise letter C and the sharp-edged letter K. The letter K -- one of the most aggressive letters in the alphabet – is responsible for the violence in words like kick, kill, kidnap, keelhaul, knuckle and knife . So while there`s an implied threat looming over these names, there`s also a refined aloofness… as if they were holding something in reserve. When the C is pronounced with the softer S sound, as in Cedric , we tend to find a more sensual personality without the rugged edges of a name like Clark.

For the most part, CKs are autonomous types who prefer to be left to their own devices. Though they are able to work well with others, they shun the anonymity of group efforts, preferring the glory that comes from self-achievement. It`s not that they`re particularly antisocial -- on the contrary, CK individuals are quite drawn to large groups of people – but they aren`t the types to actively pursue friendships.

When they are required to work with others, CKs will naturally take the lead with a leadership style that borders on domination rather than cooperation. Blessed with intelligence and altruism, CKs tend to shun touchy-feely occupations like counseling or education, gravitating instead, towards construction, design and engineering. They derive energy from problem solving, whether it`s from their skill as hands-on repairmen or their extraordinary well-developed sense of logic. In typical masculine fashion, CKs will approach their friends` crises by trying to f ix them, rather than simply listening.

Reveling in their reputation of being strong-silent types, CKs enjoy the company of friends but won`t ask for their affections. This of ten triggers sense of unease in their companions who find it hard to discern just what CKs are thinking or feeling.

And rest assured, CK s are always thinking. As proof, they`ll often they come out of left field with an offhand observations, which upon examination, usually proves to be deeply profound.

In close familial settings, CKs will drop their natural reserve and allow their thoughtful and easy-going natures to bubble to the surface. They may not be known for their social graces but they are certainly straightforward and considerate. And when they do finally decide to settle down, everyone seems to agree that CKs make for thoughtful and broad-shouldered mates.