The Name Bunny


  • Creative
  • Expressive
  • Devoted
  • Negative
  • Complacent
  • Unrealistic

About the Name Bunny

An interesting thing happens when words beginning with the explosive letter B are infected by the negative implications of the letter N. The brash, belligerent and bold characteristics of the B are transformed into benign words like benevolent, bouncy, beneficial, bountiful, and bunny. It`s something akin to the personalities of the BN people, who initially come across as tough, energetic and resilient, but on further review, turn out to be surprisingly compassionate people who are full of exotic surprises.

Whether they`re dreamy, poetic, or creative, these people display little of the overconfidence and pushiness associated with most B names. On the contrary, the BNs` survival strategies are rooted in their abilities to harmonize their personal and business lives. But although they list among their many attributes a prodigious set of social skills, bold leadership is not one of them. So don`t expect them to run for office or mount a campaign f or Most Popular. They have little interest in making waves and are decidedly better lovers than they are fighters.

You wouldn`t call them easy-going, but BNs are social chameleons who relish the stimulation that comes from having a varied group of friends. They are outstanding communicators, and everything that gets churned around in their heads will sooner or later come out of their mouths. So don`t be offended when your BN friends point out your faults with annoying bluntness; it`s just their way of showing concern. Sure they`re a little parental, but it`s only because they expect the best from you.

Belief plays an important role in the BN`s life. Religion, philosophy and moral principles motivate these people to their quick, and their values extend to the natural world for which they have an abiding respect. But because they have respect for other people`s opinions, they are not the types to proselytize.

Both male and female BNs radiate a powerful appeal to the opposite sex, but these are people who adhere rigorously to their personal moral codes and are unlikely to take advantage of their popularity. It` s in their intimate relationships that the BNs` creative side is most visible; these are romantics in the truest sense of the word. On the downside, there is nothing more BNs fear than looking like ‘bad guys`; particularly when it comes to breaking off failed relationships. These situations have a habit of dragging on while BNs drag their feet and often results in missed opportunities.