The Name Buck


  • Brave
  • Firm
  • Loyal
  • Impetuous
  • Aggressive
  • Unpredictable

About the Name Buck

If you`re looking for a forceful name for your child, there is simply no stronger choice than a name with the BK root. When the belligerently booming tones of the letter B interact with the crisply cutting edges of the letter K, it constitutes a sharp psychological impact that resonates with power and unyielding strength. These same sounds are often found in dynamic words, like break, brock (badger), brick, backache, bicker, beak and buck.

It`s not easy to overcome a name that`s so lopsided with abrasive tones. This is why the female BK names ( Becky and Becki) are softened with the high frequency sound of the terminating letter Y. When ending a word with the playful letters IE or Y, its tone becomes indelibly associated with all th at is diminutive and benign, as seen in the words; lovey-dovey, binkie, pinky, funny and whimsy.

While the male versions of the BK root ( Brocke and Buck) are unquestionably power names whose personalities brook no disrespect , the feminine versions suggest women whose superficially brittle outward behavior belies a gentle core apparent only to those who know them well. Significantly, most Beckys have chosen to shorten their names from the well-rounded Rebecca, which signals a rejection of the formal and conservative.

BKs are responsible people who flourish in positions of authority. Still, they have no problem when someone else takes the lead, f or -- being so secure with their own strength -- they have little need to dominate others. Perhaps this is why so many BK individuals are so soft spoken and exude the gentle self- confidence of an alpha male or female.

The BKs` aggressive style can sometimes be off-putting to their friends and they must often compensate for this abrasiveness with constant reassurances. BKs understand the concept of teamwork and loyalty, and once they`ve bonded with a small and tight group, their relationships invariably prove to be stable. When it comes to permanent relationships, most BKs will take their time before committing. Whether this stems from an abiding self -confidence, or is just a reflection of being hard-to-please, it`s true that the BKs` emotional roots grow deepest when anchored in the bedrock of matrimony.