The Name Britney


  • Quick-thinking
  • Innovative
  • Witty
  • Short-tempered
  • Insensitive
  • Wild

About the Name Britney

When a name root begins with the bossy and boisterous letter B, we unconsciously expect its owner to possess a confident and assertive personality. The BR combination takes this one step further with its association to words like: brazen, brassy, breezy, break and brash. And when we add the triumphant and tooting letter T, we end up with a hyperactive personality whose zest for life can be discerned in the words bright, brilliant, brat, braggart, and brittle. There simply is no other name root that comes close r to describing the frenetic energy of a mischievously restless individual whose main impetus is a taste for discovery. They`ll try anything twice: rock climbing, scuba diving, and spelunking you name it. Their main objective seem s to be in avoiding routine and finding ways to release some of that pr e-pubescent energy.

Even when they`ve slid into old age, the BRTs` youthful spirit will refuse to take a vacation. They`ll insist on staying fit to better exploit new opportunities. These passionately bright people hold strong convictions and lofty ideals that tend towards the conservative. Perhaps overly concerned about the judgments of others, BRTs must keep their wild sides under vigilant guard, which often manifests in periodic outbursts of pent-up frustration. Those BRTs who haven`t established effective outlets for their accumulated dissatisfactions tend to express themselves with snotty comments and sharp-tongued diatribes. But for every sarcastic outburst, there is an inversely proportional amount of clever banter and cunning wit.

Like most people whose names begin with the letter B, BRTs are politically astute and will employ these skills to further their ambitions in the workplace. Did someone say ambitious? These people are so highly motivated that communicating with them is sometimes a one-way affair. They can dominate discussions with their high-energy styles, and their love for debate takes precedence over their desire to really hear what their partners have to say. But since BRTs appreciate a little challenge in their lives, potential partners are advised not to back down from the their sometimes-unreasonable demands.

Once BRTs choose their life partners (which they tend to do late in life), they`ll obediently commit to the duties of marriage and family. Though BRTs are wary of being tied down, they fear being left to their own devices almost as much. It`s a rock-and- hard-place quandary with which the BRT never quite makes peace.