The Name Blake


  • Relaxed
  • Outgoing
  • Positive
  • Thoughtless
  • Elusive
  • Know-it-all

About the Name Blake

There`s a distinct air of leisure that surrounds the BL names. Even though the initial letter B is indelibly associated with belligerence and boasting , the lyrical and loving qualities of the letter L manage to soften its tone without sacrificing any of the B`s confidence. This explains why the BL phoneme dominates words like; blowhard, blurt, blunt, blame, blunder, bluff, and bloated. There`s no real threat from a BL personality… just a lot of posturing to mask any outward signs of weakness.

Those choosing to end their names with the diminutive -IE or Y sound, send the message that they take themselves less seriously. To illustrate, compare the flippant personalities of Billy Crystal, Billy Idol, Billy Martin, Billy Bart y and Billy Carter to the more staid, Bill Clinton, Bill Moyers and Bill Gates. Billys are known for their good-natured optimism while Bills are more inclined to use intimidation as their primary tool for garnering resources.

The thing that`s true for all BL personalities, is that by being able to anticipate life`s obstacles, BLs are capable of overcoming almost any challenge with an unparalleled sense of confidence. All in all, the BL names bestow upon their owners a sense of control in an unpredictable universe.

Their rough-and-ready constitutions make BLs naturally suited for physical labor; which is why so many are found in the construction industry. But BLs aren`t going to be satisfied with doing menial jobs and many have a secret passion for recognition and titles. Whether it`s foreman or President of Purchasing , these designations serve to remind them that the world thinks as highly of them as they do of themselves. For similar reasons, BLs usually sport athletic physiques and much of their self-esteem is derived from their looks and physical prowess.

Despite their habitual bluntness, BLs can be surprisingly tender and sensitive. And even if intimate personal relationships don`t come easily for them, given enough time, the BLs` suitors will often see right through their bluster and uncover their softhearted core. Their ideal marriage partners are those with a big enough sense of humor to keep their voluble personalities at bay. And it`s particularly important that BLs are matched with someone who can conform to them ; for unless appropriately partnered, they`re unlikely to live up to the responsibilities that come with long-term commitment.