The Name Betty


  • Daring
  • Generous
  • Confident
  • Scatterbrained
  • Unruly
  • Spoiled

About the Name Betty

As with all names that begin with the brashly bullish letter B, BT people flaunt a high degree of self-confidence and thrive on over coming challenges. And when the belligerent B comes into close contact with the sharp tones of t he triumphant letter T, it creates the biting texture found in words like bitter, bitch, bait, batter, battle, betray and brittle. Consequently, few names can compete with the BTs for sheer energy and grit.

It`s impossible to keep BTs down for long. Their unquenchable optimism and seemingly endless supply of enthusiasm exude enough energy to power a small city. But beware the jagged claws of the BT personalities, for their sharp tempers are on a short fuse and can lay waste to even the hardiest souls. But BTs prefer persuasion to intimidation and usually savor the chance to exercise their first-rate verbal skills. These individuals feel accountable for the advice they give -- whether it`s financial, moral or relationship-related -- and because they have a vested interest in the outcome, have a tendency to take on the stress of the problem themselves.

The BTs` homes reflect their eclectic taste in artwork and their genuine appreciation of function over form. Spartan and well organized, their living spaces are usually efficient and designed with entertaining in mind. BTs are certainly not shrinking violets and these vivacious creatures will often pursue life in the public eye. With such an affinity for t he limelight, it`s fair to say that if they weren`t the lead in their high-school play, you can bet they said their lines the loudest.

Maintaining social status is important to the BT personalities who are drawn to a tight group of alpha-male and female friends with whom they`ll spend hours scheming how to polish their reputations. These people exude sexuality of the highest order, and it`s no coincidence that the word Betty is widely used as a colorful descriptive for woman. Ultimately though , the BTs` attractiveness to the opposite sex lies in their trademark irrepressible love for life.

As friends and lovers soon discover, bonding with a BT will have its ups and downs… but at least you`ll always know where you st and. Things should hum along quite smoothly as long as you don`t question their integrity or trifle with their daily routines.