The Name Bambi


  • Strong
  • Spontaneous
  • Capable
  • Awkward
  • Dogmatic
  • Thin-skinned

About the Name Bambi

The letter B is the icon of all things brash, brazen and belligerent , and its bass tones imbue words and names with an unmistakable air of aggression and assertion. So when names come to be dominated by two Bs, they run the risk of becoming caricatures of themselves. The vigorous effects of the double B can be plainly seen in the words: boob, bomb, barbarous, babble, baboon and boo- boo. Fortunately, those named Bob have the option of using the more elegant Robert, while others can modify their names to end with the diminutive -Y or – IE, as in Barbie, Bobby or Bebe, which moderates some of the double B`s aggressive connotations.

Because of the antagonistic triggers embedded in their names, BBs must continually be on guard against the prejudices of others, which perhaps partly explains why they live up to their reputation for hot-headedness. In addition to their impulsiveness, many BB`s are accident-prone and will have their fair share of physical and emotional bumps and bruises.

But before we relegate them to the ‘bumbling misfit` category, it would be fair to consider their many virtues as well. For example , the BBs` boldly candid (if unconventional) views on life are a breath of fresh air and certainly grist for some great conversation. And if nothing else, it`s inspiring to watch BBs rise to their feet after taking a tumble with a practiced wot-me-worry air.

With a talent for working with their hands, BBs dominate the workplace as builders, cooks and small business owners; preferring the freedom of working for themselves, or at least in unsupervised positions. If you`ve ever employed a BB , you`ll be familiar with their hardheaded insistence on doing things their own way, and you`ll have appreciated their aptitude for creative problem- solving. Most BBs learned the stick-to-itiveness – which characterizes their adult lives -- when they were children. They also learned to listen to their internal voices and override their intellectual conclusions.

When it comes to relationships, BBs tend to barrel into their lovers` lives with the finesse of hippopotamus and the entire courtship often consists of little more than a dozen roses and a bottle of supermarket champagne. While this headlong approach may scare off some potential partners, certain people are very attracted to this devil-may-care style of wooing, and if the relationship is given a chance to stabilize, it invariably proves to be dedicated and enduring.