The Name Audrey


  • Charismatic
  • Sexy
  • Admirable
  • Superior
  • Complacent
  • Unrealistic

About the Name Audrey

Because the authoritarian letter A and the dominant letter D are both deeply influenced by the elements of power and discipline, it’s not surprising to find them forming the roots of the austere words: addictive, adjudicator, adultery, admonish and adversity. But in the ADR names, the conservative aspects of the AD combination are nicely offset by the robust, ribald, raunchy, racy and romantic resonance of the letter R; suggesting people whose quiet inner strength is in perfect balance with their natural flirtatious charm. Of particular interest is the name Audrey, whose traditional meaning is noble strength. Its inherent rhythms echo with the evocative and high-spirited - RY phoneme of: fairy, merry , spry, glory , cheery , and brewery.

With their dual natures of conscientiousness and casualness, the charming ADRs have the unique ability to be both the life of the party and the designated driver at the same time. Perceptive and sharp, they rely on their abilities to influence people`s emotions (instead of their intellects) to win converts to their cause.

Like all A people, ADRs must guard against their egos becoming the driving force in their lives, for once they get a taste for being in the spotlight, they have a hard time retreating into the shadows. The ADRs’ intuitive understanding of how the universe works, makes them amongst the first people that others turn to for guidance. But it`s not their insight alone that draws people into their sphere; it`s that critical/sympathetic combination, which makes others feel that they`re getting honest advice for their money.

The ADRs’ strong work ethic goads them to excel, particularly in the fields of arts and entertainment. And while success may seem to come easily to them, it’s probably because they consider work to be nothing m ore than a means to an end.

Life is for living, not working, so whether performing on stage or just animatedly telling jokes, it`s done with passion and enthusiasm. Perhaps they would do well to leave things alone on occasion, especially at those times when silence speaks more effectively than eloquence.

If you`re in love with an ADR there`s something you should know. They have an annoying habit of allowing platonic friends to distract them from their primary relationships, which often proves frustrating to long-term partners. You`ll have to contend with being just another of a large network of friends and ex-lovers, all of whom care about them much as you do. But if you’re not the jealous type, your relationship should prove to be enduring, satisfying … and always interesting.