The Name Andy


  • Strong
  • Introspective
  • Aware
  • Conspiratorial
  • Phobic
  • Calculating

About the Name Andy

The combination of the authoritarian letter A and the negative letter N sets up a level of tension that manifests itself in many English words (anger, antagonize, anxious, anti, anguish and annoy ) and itís this friction that creates the inherent conflict in the AND personalities. The dark qualities of the letter D (death, destruction, doom, damnation, and despotism ) donít do much to mitigate the problem, and even those whose names incorporate the letter R (Andrea, Andre, and Andrew) are affected by the dramatic effects of the DR phoneme found in the words; druid, dragon, drek, drum, dream, drastic, and dread.

Consequently, many ANDs (Andy and Andie) choose to soften their names by using the diminutive form -- suggesting a person somewhat uncomfortable with the inherent arrogance of their names. The diminutizing effect of the Y and IE at the end of a name has its roots in childhood, when mothers unconsciously soften their speech by appending words with high-frequency tones (cat becomes kitty, dog becomes doggy, and blanket becomes blankie.

Since these names are influenced by some of the darker aspects of the human condition, ANDs tend to struggle with occasional bouts of cynicism that color their outlooks and permeate their relationships. But although these are individuals who prefer to see the glass as being half empty, ANDs consider themselves to be realists (rather than pessimists) who are simply being candid about the state of the world. While this may translate as a tendency to stomp on the flower of hope when it blooms, ANDs feel that itís their duty to tell the truth, and if nothing else, youíll never be in doubt as to where they stand. These are unquestionably strong individuals who are not going to be swayed by criticism.

As an extension of their serious natures, ANDs have a tendency to parent those around them and bring all the elements of a big brother or sister into their relationships. While this might prove tedious to some, it will prove attractive to those who need honest criticism in their lives. And this is where the AND personality shines. When they feel appreciated, there is nothing they wouldnít do for a friend.

Life with ANDs may be a comfortable and predictable, but expect it to be punctuated by periodic bursts of high-maintenance. Still, their saving grace is their exceptional communication skills, and because they will always talk things out before losing their tempers, you can count on family life flowing along relatively smoothly.