The Name Amy


  • Effervescent
  • Nurturing
  • Self-aware
  • Indecisive
  • Self-doubting
  • Impulsive

About the Name Amy

While most names beginning with the letter A tend to signify someone with authority and self confidence, the letter M is the symbol for all things motherly, maternal and mellow. It’s not surprising then, that people whose names feature the A and M in close proximity to each other, are so often described as being amiable, amenable, amusing, amazing, and amorous.

But AMs are no Casanovas or femme fatals. For although their names resonate a mouth-watering sensuality, they lack the raw carnality of names beginning with the letters R, V, and S. This may explain why AMs tend to play the ingénues rather than the sexual bombshells in Hollywood.

There are few dark corners in the AM personality and although they’re prone to making unwise emotional investments (making choices with their hearts instead of their heads), they are usually forthcoming about their expectations of their partners and themselves. When one has the AM’s level of sensitivity, emotional ups and downs are to be expected, and AMs are going to be at their best when paired with a partner who is able to keep them on an even keel. They need that stability and reassurance, for though they give the impression of being in complete control, there’s often a person struggling with feelings of inferiority and self-doubt just under the surface. Cautious about introducing people into their lives, it can take many years for new acquaintances to gain the ANs’ trust, which explains their insistence on maintaining so much private space in their new relationships.

AMs are more loyal and family-oriented than most, but because of their enormous creative intelligence tend to neglect the other aspects of their development... with education and reading taking a back seat to having fun. This isn’t to say that AMs (bright as they) aren’t going to succeed in school; it’s just that they often find it difficult saying “no” to social invitations.

Those out to find romance should definitely knock on the AM’s door. But you may not want to open that door right away unless you think you can handle the AMs’ reluctance to liberate themselves emotionally from ex-lovers. From the AMs’ perspective, it doesn’t make sense to sever ties with a person with whom they had a healthy and rewarding relationship, and only with the prospect of a truly committed relationship will they reluctantly throw away all the old photos and dedicate themselves entirely to one partner.