The Name Aaron


  • Strong
  • Tasteful
  • Imaginative
  • Cutting
  • Fixed
  • Haughty

About the Name Aaron

Names beginning with the letter A are usually an indication of a healthy ego, and this suggestion of self-esteem is reinforced when the A combines with the letter R . The mouth is forced open when the AR phoneme is pronounced (as when saying aah), and one’s teeth are revealed in a distinctive warning signal. Perhaps that is why this sound occurs so commonly in words demanding respect and deference: father, arbiter, archangel, aristocracy, Armageddon , and arrogance.

This somewhat snooty sound is hardly mitigated by the fact that the letter N is the archetypal symbol of negativity, as in: no, not, never, nyet, nein, nothing, nada, and naught. In an effort to soften these dictatorial elements, a significant percentage of ARNs add the letter Y (or IE) to the end of their names; giving them a considerably less threatening tone.

Though subtlety may not be one of their strong points, ARNs manage to exude a sense of refinement and innate dignity (which sometimes flares into conceit) even as young children. But if there`s one thing an ARN personality can`t live with, it’s the idea that they’re not getting their due recognition, and the ARN`s associates must know which buttons to push in order to keep them happy. With a strong sense of responsibility propelled by an unmatched self-confidence, it’s not unusual to find ARNs in political arenas, as small-business owners, or simply running the lives of their friends and family.

Their propensity for emotionalism furnishes the ARN with an extraordinary charm. Which is a good thing, because these expressive people spend a good portion of their lives unraveling the knots their impulsive hearts create. And even if you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of one of the ARN’s emotional outbursts, you’ll find it hard to resist his or her earnest apologies. Once you’ve reconciled, you’ll once again be able to bask in the glow of this enthusiastic and loving spirit.

ARNs are not ones for playing games when it comes to the important issue of love, and have limited patience for partners who refuse to pull their weight in the courting ritual. When ARNs enter into new partnerships, they usually do so with a strong vision of how they expect the relationship to unfold. Unfortunately, because ARNs are not particularly communicative about these expectations, relationships often splutter and burp before establishing their smooth tracks.

This penchant for complicated relationships makes the ARN a stirring, if somewhat exasperating mate, but with patience and a little massaging of their egos, ARNs will prove to be loyal and committed lovers.