The Madcap, Zany Z

Father Zeus, whose hand Doth wield the lightning brand, Slay him beneath thy levin bold, we pray, Slay him, O slay!


The letter Z dominated the lives of ancient Greeks in the form of the supreme ruler of heaven and earth, the rewarder of good, and the punisher of evil: Zeus. Zeus was also the unpredictable creator of weather and amused himself by zapping miscreant Greeks with his random lightning thunderbolts.

Whereas people whose names begin with the letter A are first in roll call, Z's are consigned to wait their turn until the end. But don't expect them to get despondent about their place at the end of the line for their personalities are zesty, zealous, zingy, zippy, zoom, zippidy-doo-dah, and zany. These ebullient qualities can be seen in the traditional meaning of names like Zsa Zsa, Zoe (life), Zelia (eager),and Ziv (very bright).

Although Z names are rare, they still occur with ten times the frequency of the X and five times that of the U, but aren’t found on any of the lists of most successful people.