The Triumphant T

This is the first truth that e'er thine own tongue was guilty of.

All's Well that Ends Well William Shakespeare

The letter T began its career as a symbol of a cattle brand in Egyptian hieroglyphics and in the Cabala – the mystic writings of early Christians -- represents the union of groom and bride, which culminates in conception and the creation of three, the holy number of the Trinity.

With the lower case t looking almost like a cross, its no wonder that it’s so intimately associated with all things biblical. T is the first letter of the two tablets of the Ten Commandments, tradition, testament, truth, tabernacle, throne, and Torah, and its biblical references reinforced by the Tetragrammaton, the symbol denoting the ineffable name of God.

When the T is united with the heavenly H it assumes a deeply divine quality stemming from the Greek word for God, theos. These properties can be seen in the traditional meaning of the names Thaddeus (gift of god), Theo (divine gift), Dorothy (gift of God), Timothy (to honor God).

But when standing alone, the letter T's sharply pronounced form -- generated by the abrupt release of air from the tip of the tongue off the top of the palate -- imbues words with a sense of vigor and celebration as in trumpet, triumphant, talented, twinkle, tremendous and terrific. And it is these decisive attributes that explain why T people are most likely to succeed in professional sports.