R: The Letter of Romance and Arousal

"The price of wisdom is above rubies."

Bible, Job 28:18

Created by the gentle vibration of the tongue on the roof of the mouth, the red-blooded letter R gives birth to a low-throated grr as it rolls off the tonguein impersonation of a human purr. This letter is relatively unusual in languages throughout the world, which may account for the fact that so many non-Europeans struggle to pronounce it.

This racy letter stands for Romeo, rapture, romance, risqué, reproductive, raunchy, rabbit, relish, rich, ripe, racy, and randy. It also initializes rosy, ruby, rubiginous, and ruddy, all of which have to do with red -- the color traditionally associated with sexual arousal. Even in its darker manifestations, this passionate letter still clings to its sexual essence as in ravished, raged, raped, and ravage.

In addition to its indomitably carnal core, there’s also the unmistakable element of the cheeky scoundrel found in the words rogue, raffish, rouge, rapscallion, and ragamuffin.

The traditional meaning of names beginning with the red-blooded R tend to reflect itsracypassion as in: Rena (reborn), Rhoda (roses), Ronald & Roy (royal), Russel (red head), and Ryan (little king).

In general, people whose names begin with the letter R exhibit a high level of passion in their personal and professional lives. With their indomitable spirits, they tend to embrace life with an animated zeal equal to those whose names begin with the other letter of passion: the V. Perhaps this is why people with an R name are the most likely to become millionaires and also the most likely to be involved in the medical professions.