J: The Letter of Refined Judgement

And Jeshua begat Joiakim, Joiakim begat Eliashib who begat Joiada And Joiada begat Jonathan, and Jonathan begat Jaddua.

Nehemiah 12:10

Although the letter J initializes less than 1% of all English words it is easily the most popular first letter for names in the Western world. In addition to accounting for over 11% of all names, it initializes four of the top twenty most popular male names – James, John, Jacob, and Joseph -- as well as two of the top five surnames, Johnson and Jones. What makes this all the more unusual is that the I and J only became wholly separate letters in the 17th century.

The pervasiveness of the letter J stems from its repeated use in the bible from John to Jacob, Jeremiah, Jezebel, James, to Jared. But since most biblical references to the letter J are masculine, female J's occur with only about half the frequency of their male counterparts.

With its special status as the initial letter of Jehovah, Jesus, judgment, Judicia, jury, and Jupiter (the king of the Roman Gods), the letter J has become inextricably linked to the qualities of wisdom and justice. This can be seen in the traditional meaning of names such as Jarvis (conqueror), James (supplanter), Justin (truth), Jessica (God's Grace), and Jethro (outstanding).

As one might expect from a letter that begins the name of God, J people are hugely successful in everything they attempt and are found in the top four in each of the categories; professional sports, business, arts, medicine and politics.