H: The Letter of Hope, Charity and Healing

My heart, my house, my all; every hope in my breast is centered in her.

The Warden Anthony Trollope

Words beginning with the letter H are practically whispered. Created by a gentle rush of breath directly from the lungs, its hushed tones are personified in the words holy, honor, heal, helpful, heavenly and hallowed.

Helgelianism is the philosophy that preaches that a moral code is the most important thing in one's life and emphasizes the significance of having a healthy spirit. The spiritual aspects of the H are evident in the words healer, hope, harmony, hero, healthy, heart, harvest, Hasidic and Haftorah (the holy book of the Hebrews).

The H is also the flagship letter of home and hearth and is commonly found in words describing family values; husband, house, heart, happiness, and Hymen the Greek God of marriage.

Even words that don't actually begin with an H can benefit from its moderating influence. Note how it softens the meanings of words beginning with harsh letters like C and T: tank become thank, tinker becomes thinker, taut becomes thought, and catty becomes chatty. Likewise, the name Telma is an anagram of metal, giving the impression of a strong and unyielding individual. But, by softening the T with an h to create Thelma, the anagram is transformed into Hamlet, the tragic hero of Shakespeare's peerless play.

According to a survey conducted by Dr. Meherabian, people whose names begin with an H are five times more likely to be perceived as moral as opposed to masculine. These moral overtones are illustrated in the traditional meanings of Hayley (hero), Hannah (grace of god), Harmon (person of integrity and rank), Helga (holy), Homer (promise), and Humphrey (peace).