What Does Your Name Say About You?

Did you know that people with "J" names are four times more likely to become millionaires than people whose names begin with "N"? Our names don't just influence how others perceive us - they can influence the course of our lives in predictable, measureable ways.

Why the Sounds in Names Matter

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What prejudgments do people make when all they know about you is your name? A lot depends on the sounds embedded in your name, because our hearing affects our mood and perception. Shrill sounds repulse, soothing sounds attract, and aggressive sounds put us on edge.

Find out which letters convey friendship, negativity, positivity or a maternal embrace. Does your name help or hinder you in your interactions with strangers?

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There's an Entire Universe in Names

Based on the best-selling book by author Roy Feinson, The Secret Universe of Names contains the results of decades of research combined with modern data analysis, with over 200,000 names analyzed by their sound qualities, cultural background, popularity and 16 other metrics.

What Animal Are You?

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