The Name Wilma


  • Thoughtful
  • Original
  • Insightful
  • Perfectionist
  • Brooding
  • Scheming

About the Name Wilma

The WLM group of names derives its sophistication from the influence of the wise and weird letter W. When the W is combined with the letter L – the icon of life, liberty, love, laughter and learning – these names take on an exceptional air of dignity and poise. The appearance of the maternal letter M (mother, mama, and mammary) contributes to their appeal by augmenting a warmly compassionate essence. If it’s true that men whose names fall into the WLM category are in touch with their feminine sides, it’s because they have so much confidence in their masculinity that they can afford to be a little sensitive. All this explains why the WLM names have retained their extraordinary popularity for over a thousand years. If there is anything negative to say, it’s that these names are a little on the formal side since none of these people choose to use the more approachable contractions of Will or Willy.

WLMs are guided by their intellects and -- even when they’re relaxing – are usually the cause of heated debates from everything from politics, to art and science. People quickly realize that their propensity for arguing is not a symptom of intellectual bullying; WLMs simply enjoy injecting fresh ideas that others may not have considered. It’s only natural that this tendency leads them into the field of education where young minds seem to appreciate their frank delivery. When WLMs don’t pursue careers in education, they’ll probably end up in some kind of leadership position. These are not people happy with just being cogs in the machine.

A corollary to the WLMs’ intellectual approach is their habit of placing impossibly high standards on themselves and those with whom they work: when goals can’t be met the resulting stresses do more harm than good. But WLMs are quick learners and have few ego-issues when it comes to admitting their mistakes. About the only time WLMs panic is when they promised more than they can actually deliver. Breaking a commitment is an unpardonable sin.

You know that old trick for driving off unwanted boyfriends (or girlfriends) by telling him you’re in love with them? Well this isn’t going to work with WLMs, who aresimply too receptive to intimacy to pass up opportunities like this. If you want to get rid of them you’re better off playing it cool (WLMs get really uncomfortable when they don’t know where they stand). But unlike most people who see marriage as a gateway to stable home lives, WLMs are more likely to feather their nests before committing to marriage. All the better to control the relationship from ground-zero.